Create all the eCommerce Facility on your Business Micro App

Complete Online and Marketing Solutions

Micro App Invitation

Invite your new and existing customers to approach your Business.

Customer CRM Management

Create Customer Database of all your Customers in One Go.

Shop's customized Customer Loyalty Program

Retain Customers & Increase Sales by offering Discounts as Shop's own Customizable Cashback.

Collect Payments

Accept online payment through any Cards/Wallets/UPI.

Personalize app Management

Update & Customize directly thru your app own Panel.

Booking,Appointment & Reservations

Customers can book appointment with Service Professionals.

Easy Business Setup

Design to create your Business online in just 10 minutes.

Business Analytics

Improve your Business Strategies with relevant insights.

Stunning Design

Stunning design for every business.

Auto Leading SEO

Own personalized SEO plan to get your business found on Google.

Media Gallery

Display your images in a beautiful gallery layout.

Optimized App

Your business will automatically look amazing.

Promotions Tools

Manage your business and grow business with powerful promotional features.

AID Ready

Yo will love how fast you can get online and look amazing with Artificial Intelligence Design.

Tailor Made Ready

Your stunning website comes complete with beautiful images and text.

Free Website

Get a simplified version of your business on mobile with all the essentials.

Smart Tips

Get instant access to smart promotion tips.

SEO Friendly

Get your business found on Google.

Business Tips

Get instant access to helpful tips.

Business Interactions

Get connect across all the B2B business holders.

Custom Domain name

Be professional with a custom domain.

Free Hosting

We take care of web hosting to make sure your site is safe and secure.

Secure Login

Password protected access.

SSL Secure

Secure with an SSL Certified site.

Social Promotion

Connect all your social promotions in one place.


See how good your business is doing, Manage your customers on every visit.

Store Manager

Manage your inventory from your app.

Personal Cashback Manager

Boost sales by offering personal Cashbacks.

Product Page

Present your product through beautiful layout.

Beautiful Business Front

Display your business through beautiful layout.

Multiple Payment Method

Accept multiple payment methods via online or cash.

Promote Discounts

Promote your business through multiple discount offers.

Booking Manager 24/7

Get booked for the services you offer.

Order Manager 24/7

Get live order for the products you display live.

Business Card Manager

Promote your business through digital card.

Promote Shop Manager

Accept bookings and manage your business directly.

Review Manager

Get auto reviews to analyze your business performance.

Self-Update Manager

Get self-update process 24/7/365.

Book Reservations

Get your customers to book a table online.

Advance Status

Be the first to get advance status live.

Stunning Invitations

Promote your business through stunning invitations.

Customer Management

Save your time by managing customer management system.

Customer Analytics

Get Customer Analytics and make profits.

Online Order Management

Accept delivery or pickup orders right on your app with 100% commission free.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LDB Assist? Background of LDB Innovations Pvt Ltd

    LDB Innovations is a private limited company incorporated in 2016 at Bengaluru India. The company specializes in developing Artificial Intelligence based IT software & Machine learning software’s to cater to the needs of all type of businesses (small to big). Identifying the need of the businesses and taking inspiration from the programme “Digital India” backed by Government of India, the company has developed a product named “LDB Assist” which enables any type of business to create their digital identity (Website and Pocket Application) in a very low cost and time effective manner. This is our bit to help Government of India under their flagship programme “Digital India” to achieve their objective of digitalizing our country.

  • What is LDB Personal Business Micro App??

    LDB Personal Business Micro App is a mix of Machine learning & AI-based software platform which enable you to create your online shop/store or service with M-Commerce solution. We have built all the tools and titled as “Your Personal Digital Toolbox” to help you create your online presence and personalized micro app. Our platform helps you to directly sell your products/services to your customers with No Hidden Commissions. You will be able to Supplement your shop’s Offline presence with Online Presence, Showcase your Deals/Products/Services along with your choice of discounts on individual deals, Invite you customers to your personalized pocket app, Promote your business (for example you will be able to send your current offers/discounts to your customers), Accept/Track Orders, Take Advance Booking/Home Delivery, Create Payments/Invoices and Request Reviews. Additionally, you will also be able to create a wallet/loyalty system for your business to give and redeem Cashback to your new and returning customers to a) Attract new customers b) Retain current customers and c) Maintaining loyal customers. Finally, you will be able to track and see complete history of your orders, details of your customers, cashback history, number of loyal customers, number of your personalized pocket app downloaded by the customers etc.

  • What is personalized micro app?

    A micro app is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Personalized micro app is your personal app which can be customizes to showcase your shop/store/service details. The name of the personalized pocket app will be same as your business name. The features of the personalized app which can be customized and fully controlled by yourself include

    • a) Post/update your business logo
    • b) Enter/Edit details of yourself and your business
    • c) Post/update images of your shop/store/products/services
    • d) Create/Edit Discounts and Deals
    • e) Process Enquiry/Leads/Orders etc
  • What are the charges for taking subscription of the product?

    The cost of the product is INR 8000/- plus applicable GST for a year.

  • Do you offer any discount on the annual subscription charges?

    The offers and discounts are decided by the company from time to time to promote the product. Currently, the company is giving a launch offer for a limited time.

  • What is the launch offer currently given by the company??

    Currently, the company is giving a discount of 69% on the cost of the product with a subscription period of 12 months. In order to avail the current offer, you can contact your nearby LDB associate or call us to our customer support team or email at The offer can be closed or changes anytime by the company.

  • Are there any other charges apart from the above-mentioned activation charges? Do you charge any commission like other e-commerce platforms?

    No, we don’t charge anything other than annual subscription charge. Our policy is very clear to provide our services at Zero Commission.

  • What is the process for taking subscription of the product??

    The process is very simple for taking subscription of the product. You can download the “LDB Assist App” from Play Store. Once downloaded, you are required to follow the simple process for entering your information and making the online payment for subscription. Your subscription will get activated only after we receive your payment through online mode.

  • What are the modes and methods of making payments for taking subscription?? How can I make payments?? Can I give cash to your executive??? I don’t have debit card/net banking/ credit card/ online wallets???

    In order to activate the subscription, you are required to pay the subscription charges by any of the following methods

    • a) Pay online using debit card
    • b) Pay online using credit card
    • c) Pay online using net banking
    • d) Pay online using UPI’s
    • e) Pay online using Wallets

    No, you are not required to give cash to any of the LDB associate. Your subscription will activate only after receipt of online payment. In case you don’t have any facility to make online payment, you can ask your family, relatives, friends, known to persons and LDB associate to first make an online payment for activating your subscription through your downloaded “LDB Assist APP” on your behalf and once the payment is successful and your account gets activated only after that you can pay them back in cash.

  • What are the requirements for activation of accounts??? How much time will it take to activate account??

    We expect that you should have and be familiar with operating a smartphone with a working internet connection. In case of activating your account, we don’t require any documents from your side apart from the case if you want to enable online payment facility. Once we receive the payment, your account will activate instantly.

  • What is the procedure and documents required enabling online payment facility??

    In order to enable online payment facility, you are required to submit the following documents to us.

    • a) Incorporation certificate
    • b) PAN Card
    • c) Aadhar Card
    • d) GST Certificate
    • e) Licence
    • f) Affidavit for getting KYC for customers, ldb pay feature

    Once you have these documents ready, you can call us so that we can send our executive to collect the documents from you. After receipt of the documents and successful verification of the documents, your online payment facility will be enabled. The complete process may take a minimum of 10 days and maximum of 30 days.

  • Do I required to be registered with authority and need GST Certificate/Number in order to activate my account??

    It is not mandatory to be registered with authority and to have GST number/certificate. However, we encourage you to abide with the applicable laws and regulations. For applicable laws Yes, it is mandatory to be registered with applicable authority and must have GST number/certificate and other necessary licenses to operate your business. We encourage you to abide with the applicable laws and regulations. LDB pocket apps are only the digital representatives. We are an intermediary only of the businesses (shops, service professionals, service providers) owned by business owners either the business is visible or non-visible

  • What is online shop and personal micro app and how they are different??

    The term “Online Shop” is used for the stores created on webpage and which are ideally assessed on a desktop and laptop. The term “Micro App” is used for the shops/stores created on a platform which can be assessed on smartphones and tablets.

  • What is Invite??

    Invite is a feature through which you can inform your current customers that your shop is online now and send invitation with a link to them to download your shop’s personalized pocket app. You can send the invitation to any person either by Whatsapp or SMS by entering their mobile number as per the flowchart given below: Upon receipt of your invitation, customer will receive a link to download your shop’s personalized pocket app.

  • What is Promote Business??

    Promote Business is a feature through which you can inform your customers about the current offers and deals. Promote Business message contains a link of your shop’s personalized pocket app and once a customer click on the link, he will be directed to access your pocket app. You can either send the built-in templates as per the process mentioned above. In case you wish to create and edit the templates

  • What is Get Review?? How to see the reviews and ratings??

    Get Review is a feature by which you can ask your customers to provide reviews and ratings for your shop/service/products. Get Review message contains a link of your shop’s personalized pocket app and once a customer clicks on the link, he will be directed to access your app. You can send the invitation to any person either by Whatsapp or SMS by entering their mobile number You can view your ratings by clicking “My Ratings” tab.

  • What is SMS Pay?? What is SMS Pay History???

    The LDB Pay feature allows you to send an online payment to any customer! A Payment SMS will be sent to a non-ldb user. Users will receive the ldb Pay request on the app as a notification/sms. In order to send the payment request, you will be required to enter the customer’s mobile number (mandatory), payment amount (mandatory) and customer name / address (optional) you can check directly and will be informed as soon as your customer makes the payment.

    • a) Inter Customer Mobile Number
    • b) Payment Amount(Including GST or Excluding GST)
    • c) Customer Name
    • d) Customer Address
    • e) Send
  • What is Give Cashback/Loyalty Points/Cash??

    Give Cashback/Loyalty Points/Cash is a feature through which you can give points/cashback to your new and old customers which can only be redeemed at your shop against the pre-defined criteria.

  • What is Business Logo??

    A company logo is a symbol of your company's identity. It creates your customers' first impression of your company.

    • 1. Click and open business logo section
    • 2. Select your Business logo representative image
    • 3. Add & Enter
  • What is Gallery???

    Gallery is a representative images of your business, an image gallery is a symbol of your business images which you want to present in front of your customers.

  • What is Add Deals?? How to Add Deals??

    Add deals is a feature through which you can add your products in your online store/shop/business/services. In order to add deal,You can see your current deals by clicking “Current Deals” and you will be able to modify/delete your current deals from the same.

  • What is Tips??

    Here you meet experts who guide you best and provide you with great business tips, profit tips, share market tips and much more…

  • What is Orders?? Also please state procedure for viewing accepting rejecting Orders???

    A lead is the identification data gathered from a prospective buyer of a product or service. Businesses gain access to sales leads through ldb booking section.

  • What is my website?? What are the benefits of website??

    In addition to your shop’s personalized pocket app, you will also get a website of your shop/store/business which can be accessed on desktop/laptop. Those persons who don’t have a smartphone but have access to desktop/laptop will be able to see your online shop/store/business by visiting your website. You can use your website commercially anywhere you want to use (example: in your visiting card, official documents, personal documents etc).

  • What is my personal digital wallet used as loyalty cashback?

    Personal digital wallet is your virtual wallet and virtual money designed to increase your loyal customers and business where you can create your own named cashback wallet.

  • How many products or services i can add?

    You can add more than 700 plus products in one go.

  • Do i need to bear courier charges or delivery charges of my product?

    LDB is a platform that connects various businesses directly. The delivery charges, minimum order amount and the area of service, etc. depend on the business. LDB plays no part in deciding the delivery OR courier charges.

  • Who decide the price of the product?

    Only owners of businesses have the full control and rights to decide the cost of their product, LDB play no part in deciding the product price.

  • Do i need to pay commissions?

    No, it’s 100% free, we don’t charge any commission.

  • When can i start selling?

    Businesses can start selling within 15 minutes of subscription.

  • What if i want to change my product, product discounts, offers or rate?

    To edit the prices, image of an item, please click on current deals >go to edit deals>choose edit and make any changes. It’s simple! (You can edit your products any time anywhere 24/7x365)

  • Who will pay gst (if there) fee of my bills?

    LDB plays no part in deciding the billing rates; LDB is a platform that provides digital solution to various businesses, once the business associated with LDB he is the whole sole responsible for his services, products or billings. LDB pocket apps are only the digital representatives / we are an intermediary only of the businesses (shops, service professionals, and service providers) owned by business owners either the business is visible or non-visible.

  • What is my installed apps?

    You can directly install your pocket applications to your consumers; you can check your downlodes that how many consumers are having your personal pocket apps.

  • How do I share my offers with my customers?

    You can promote your offers by inviting your customers to your Pocket app by enabling ‘Promote business’ Feature inside your Personal Pocket App.

  • Will I get leads for my business on LDB?

    NO! LDB is not a lead generator of a listing platform, LDB does not provide leads. LDB created Personal Pocket Apps to help you to be digital and online.

  • How can I send a LDB receipt to my customers?

    LDB Pay Receipt feature allows you to send a digital receipt to your customers for their purchase. In order to send LDB Receipt, you will be required to enter the customer’s mobile number (mandatory), payment amount (mandatory) and customer name & address (Optional)

  • How do I manage my orders on LDB?

    You can view your orders and manage them through “Manage Leads” inside your partner app (you will have power to accept or reject the leads you, will start this service after your complete registration.

  • Can customers leave feedback and why is customer feedback important?

    Yes, customers can share feedback. Good ratings from customers bring you more business as you will have higher ratings displayed on your store. At the same time, negative feedback gives you an opportunity for you to improve your performance.

  • Where can I get LDB branded packaging material and supply to customers?

    No, we don’t provide this facility but if required, our logistics partners will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer. All you need to do is keep it packed and ready for dispatch as per their charges.


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